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What is Climate & Classical

Climate & Classical brings an innovative approach to infotainment. A live performance of classical music is fully integrated with a visual presentation focusing on our collective knowledge about climate change. The visual masterpieces complement the classical violin concert of Sarah-Erin Hurtado Bye. The science of climate change is reverently presented by internationally known geoscientist, Bente Lilja Bye.


Watch this video and learn more about the ideas behind the Climate & Classical performance and the persons who created it.


Why Climate & Classical

Arguable our biggest societal and scientific challenge, climate change engages each of us. Politicians, scientists, business leaders, governments, we are all concerned with climate change and its effects on society.

Internationally, a number of annual conferences grapple with climate related issues. Scientific breakthroughs give us new perspectives on our Earth system. Our understanding about climate is revised at a breathtaking pace.

Information about rapidly changing developments in the field often flow in a stream of contradictory information and misinformation from scientists, politicians, and the media. It is more than a little confusing --and seemingly impossible to know what to believe and not believe.

A solid knowledge of key concepts and processes can make it easier to maneuver in this complex climate landscape. Climate & Classical will provide you with knowledge about fundamental climate concepts and research, natural disasters, energy and the international political framework as well as making a beautiful introduction to the newest thinking about our climate challenges.

Climate & Classical for whom

In different ways, everybody who inhabit planet Earth is affected by climate change. It is a heart issue as well as rational matter. Climate & Classical entertain and inform at the same time, whether you are a novice or an expert, whether your interest in the topic are personal or professional.

Businesses, governmental bodies, Non-governmental organizations

For organizations, climate change represents possibilities and challenges. Disseminating critical knowledge about climatic issues on all organizational levels brings about internal understanding, a priceless asset when the organization must accommodate/restructure/redefine processes etc brought about by climate change.


Politicians may come from different cultural and educational backgrounds, but are all expected to know something about critical topics. Time and resources are necessarily limited, making it impossible to stay up-to-date on all scientific and societal concerns. Climate & Classical promises an effective, politically relevant and educational experience.

The default duration of the performance is 1 hour. Both content and duration can be adapted to your event.

In addition to English, the performance is also offered in Norwegian and French and will soon be available in Chinese.


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