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Some important definitions.

Climatology - (1) The description and scientific study of climate. (2) A quantitative description of climate showing the characteristic values of climate variables over a region. (NOAA)

Climate - The average of weather over at least a 30-year period. Note that the climate taken over different periods of time (30 years, 1000 years) may be different. The old saying is climate is what we expect and weather is what we get.

Climate Change - A non-random change in climate that is measured over several decades or longer. The change may be due to natural or human-induced causes.


There are a number of variables that describes climate. The UN program GCOS has defined a set of what is called the Essential Climate Variables. These variables are a subset of all Earth observations that we collect on local, regional and global levels.

A climatologist - or the climate change expert, if you like - is a person with knowledge about either of these variables or even the background and infrastructure needed to collect these variables (perform the Earth observation). In other words, there are a number of different disciplines represented within the overarching field of climatology.


See also USDA's definition of a climatologist.

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